The Ny-Ålesund Symposium

The Ny-Ålesund Symposium is an event that brings together international and national policy makers, researchers, senior business executives, and other high-level decision makers. The themes build on challenges and questions facing the Arctic and northern regions that have global consequences, such as climate change. In that perspective, The Ny-Ålesund Symposium offers a unique location for a high level meeting. The Symposium is an important forum that will facilitate decision making for our common future.

Climate change is a growing threat and a challenge we must understand in a global perspective. In Polar regions such as Svalbard, early indications of climate change can easily be detected through changes in nature. This is where the effects of climate change are first observed, and it is expected that the effects will be more radical and develop faster in these areas than anywhere else.

H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway is the Patron of The Ny-Ålesund Symposium. The Crown Prince has personal interest in the climate change in the Arctic, and has visited Svalbard and Greenland previously together with the Danish and Swedish heir to the throne.